The Easy way to learn Math

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Fast Mental Calculation is a flexible and powerful mental arithmetic practice software which help kids practice math and get reward from their parents. Beside a variety of math questions, it allows parents to set many reward items and check the kids' learning logs.

Be Addicted To Practice Math

Children need an impetus to study,immediate reward is the driving force children to study hard. Fast Mental Calculation creates 38 different types of math questions and check the answer automatically.

Suggestions for Parents

1.Before using this software, discuss with your children and find what is the most interested in for your children: Computer game time? A toy? Or money? These things can be set up in the software as the reward when your children completed the math exercises.

2.Rewards can be separated to many small pieces. Children will get a small rewards when they completed one level (usually 2-5 questions) math exercise.

3.If the math questions are too difficult for your Children, you can reduce the questions number or increase the reward, in order to encourage children to learn. At the same time, if the math questions are easy for your children, you can discuss with your children and increase the level questions number or reduce the reward.

4.When your children begin a new level,and it is too hard, in addition to the above methods, I strongly suggest that parents should accompany their children do those questions until they understand and complete them quickly.

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